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Bengali vegetarian cooking - The magic of spices and herbs

Kochkurs in englischer Sprache
Nowadays, more and more people wish to decrease their consumption of meat for both ethical and health reasons. Many vegetarian dishes rely heavily on cream, cheese and eggs. Bengali cookery offers a rich palette of savoury dishes that can satisfy a hearty appetite. With a combination of garlic, onion and ginger at the base and the use of spices, aromatics and chillies adapted to individual tastes, dishes can be prepared for anyone. Children, especially, will discover the delights of fresh foods. All varieties of pulses with their high protein content and other health benefits are used, such as chick peas, mung beans and all the variety of lentils. Familiar vegetables, as well as newcomers such as aubergines reveal a surprising delectability and retain more of their benefits when prepared in the Bengali way. Who has not wanted to experiment with the unfamiliar? We will be cooking with exotic vegetables, such as Korolla (bitter melon), famed for its health benefits. They are mainstays of Bengali cooking and widely available in Bonn. Altogether, this is a cuisine particularly suited to a palate that requires real taste and freshness in healthy eating.
Please bring 2 tea towels, 2 or 3 storage boxes to keep any leftovers, and any drinks that you might wish to have.

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26.10.16 - 02.11.16
18:00 - 21:00 Uhr
1 Woche Abends
max. 10 Teiln.
38 € Linzer Str. 17 b
53572 Unkel

Kooperative Realschule plus, 1. OG, Lehrküche 1.18

Referent/in: Masud Khan

Treffen: 2

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